Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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WELCOME TO THE FAMILY - London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution fattens the purses of the privileged while the working class struggles to survive – until an Assassin emerges from the underworld to rally to their defense. Rise to lead the world’s first organized crime family. Conquer the streets of London. Bring the ruling class to their knees. Make history in a visceral adventure unlike any game you’ve played before.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, the 9th installment of the critically acclaimed franchise, takes us back to the 19th century London where the Industrial Revolution has a great impact on human lives. While the British Empire grows in strength and riches, the working class finds itself in a dire situation. Oppression and exploitation of the poor is a fact. Jacob Frye, along with his twin sister Evie, starts a new war with the Templars in order to help and free the oppressed. Impersonate the fiery Jacob, who does not mind fist fights and strong alcohol, or his more responsible and calm sister, to kindle the uprising against the capitalists.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Region(s): Global 

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